Thursday, October 30, 2008


I dont know what is wrong with me this year, but i havent gotten totally into Halloween as much as i usually do, and carving pumpkins just didnt sound all that fun to me. Both Haden and Tyler have been asking me about it,and i would just change the subject or something. Well last night Tyler was getting mad at me, why arent we carving pumpkins, it is almost Halloween! Well i told him i think most of the stores are out of pumpkins. (what a terrible mom) I had to run to Kohlers last night and Tyler came with me and sure enough, they still had Pumpkins, so i had to buy some. I started thinking how sad for Tyler, he really gets a bum deal, Josh and Haden got to carve pumpkins for years, I guess it is only fair that we do it for Ty too. So we got home and waited for Josh and Haden to get home from scouts so we can carve them. Well of course Josh didnt want anything to do with it, and then Haden acted like he didnt want to, so I told them, it is almost nine and that is bedtime, so either you can stay up with us and carve pumpkins or go to bed, so they of course stayed up with us. Josh whipped out his pumpkin in like 5 minutes, and when you see the pictures you can tell, looks like a little kid made it, he says it is so it wont scare the little ones trick or treating at our house, yeah right! Haden made fun of Josh's the whole time and when he got done with his it looked like Josh's pumpkins brother, Tyler took the longest and did it all by himself He got really into it, but the end result, looks alot like the other two, but Tyler had a great time and he was happy that is all that matters. I will just have to except the fact that i dont have very creative pumpkin carvers in my family, oh well!

Haden opened up his pumpkin and found sprouting pumpkin seeds! I wonder if you didnt open the pumpkin if a pumpkin could grow inside a pumpkin??


I have been tagged yet again, I am supposed to post my 4Th picture in my fourth picture folder on the computer and tell about it.

This is a picture of Doug's Brother,( AKA uncle Dave) skiing somewhere? Every year for as long as i can remember i have given Doug's parents scrapbook pages for the year of all of the families on that side for their Christmas present. I have all of them give me the pictures and then I would put the scrapbook together. The last two years i have gotten more high tech and started to make them a picture DVD. This is a picture that Dave sent me to put in their DVD last year. So there you have it, that is my 4Th picture in my 4Th folder! Interesting huh? I kind of got nervous, cause we do have some scary pictures in our folders, that i don't let anyone see!!

I am tagging anyone who hasnt been tagged yet and would like to play:)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Saturday night was our ward's annual Halloween carnival. It is usually the scouts big fund raiser for the year, but they aren't allowed to do fund raisers anymore and they didn't want to do away with the tradition, so it was just a free thing. I don't think it was as fun, not as many people dressed up and there just wasn't as many booths, I think it is sad that they cant have fundraisers anymore:( We (all but Josh) dressed up, cause i love any excuse to dress up for Halloween, for some reason it is really fun for me! We decided to be hippies this year, I had a fun time trying to get the costumes together, I think they turned out pretty good. Nobody knew who we were when we walked in, if it wasn't for the kids, they probably wouldn't have known at all! It was pretty weird, nobody would talk to us, but that is pretty normal in this ward, I have never been in such an unfriendly ward.! Oh well, maybe it is us?? The kids had fun and that is all that matters and I didn't have to make dinner and that is always a happy day for me:)

Monday, October 27, 2008



In no particular order.........

8 favorite T.V. Shows

1- The Office
2- Rob & Big
3- The biggest loser
4- Dr. 90210
5- What not to wear
6- Run's house
7- Cash Cab
8- Friends

8 Favorite Restaurants

1- Olive Garden (For some reason the one in Las Vegas tastes the best!!)
2- Cobblestone
3- Pizza Factory (the one in St. George, is the best one)
4- Jcw's (if i am in the mood for some killer cheese fries!)
5- Teppanaki's (love the food, hate having to catch the shrimp in my mouth!)
6- Carrabba's
7- Ruby River (love those deep fried baked potato's!!)
8- PF Changs

8 Things that happened yesterday

1-woke up
2-went to church
3-made dinner
4-had Doug's parents over for dinner
5-took a shower
6-Ate Ice cream
7-watched the Bridge to Terabitha
8- Laughed so hard I cried!

8 Things I look Forward to

2-Winning the lottery(It is gonna happen!)
6-My hair growing out
7-Girls trips
8-Did i mention Vacations??

8 Things I LOVE about Fall

1- Leaves changing colors
2- Halloween
3- Thanksgiving
4- Pumpkin bread, muffins, cookies
5- Hot chocolate
6- Sweaters, pants, (no more showing of my scary arms and legs!!)
7- Growing my armpit hair and leg hair out(hahahaha, just kidding, I am running out of things i love about fall!
8- I am not a fan of the cold, So this one was Hard!!

8 Things on my Wishlist

1-Win the Lottery!!
2- Have a personal chief
3- Vacation ever month
4- New car
5- No Debt
6- Huge Savings Account
7- New House
8- Rock hard body! (what, a girl can wish!!)

8 people I tag

1- Nancy
2- Ashley
3- Jessie
4- Amanda
5- Amy
6- Emily
7- Diane
8- Paulette

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Last night a group of us girls got together for dinner. Our Bunko group has fizzled away and I am missing my monthly girl bonding. We decided to meet for dinner at the new Paradise Cafe that opened up over by Target, I have never been to one before, and all I can say is was really good!! I think probably my favorite part about it is that you get a cookie with every meal and that i was greeted at the front door with a girl with a basket of free mini cookie samples, I mean it is just like the movie, You had me at Hello!! We had a real fun time, I am really sad cause Stacie is moving in a couple of weeks to Hawaii, so she wont be around anymore, and she is so much fun! I guess I will just have to visit her in Hawaii:) I better start saving my money!

Monday, October 20, 2008


I got this key chain about a month ago, and I can not tell you how awesome it is! I don't know if you are like me or not but i am always throwing my keys in my purse and to try to find them again is like rummaging threw a black hole! I can never find them! Audrey had one on her key chain forever and i never really paid much attention to it, but once i found out what it did i had to get one. I love it! It is yet another invention that i should have come up with! You just hook your keys on the edge of your purse and you always know where they are! The fact that mine is a crown makes me feel like a princess!:)


A couple of weeks ago, Tyler had to invite someone to be a guest at his school to come and teach them something for about 15 minutes, it could be about anything. I of course was like you aren't asking me, i know nothing! I really just didn't want to have to talk in front of all those kids, even little 9 year olds would have caused me some serious stress!! Doug said he would come and do it. He taught about how they do knee replacement surgery. I wasn't too sure how he would teach little 4Th graders that and make it interesting, but he was awesome! He brought in all kinds of knee models that the kids could pass around and look at while he was telling them about it. They were all so into it! Doug is so good at teaching and public speaking, I know that opposites must attract, cause i can not speak in front people at all!! When I watch him do stuff like that, I fall in love with him all over again! Tyler said the kids talked about it all day, they thought he was so cool! My boys and I are so lucky to have Doug, He is just so Awesome!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

EXTRA,EXTRA, Read all about it!

So I get the mail today and open up the local newspaper and start to flip threw the pages, when wait a second, I know those people! It was a picture of Haden and I at the SEP conference last week. Pretty funny! I do want to say that Haden is doing VERY well in school, i think it just comes easy for him, How would that be? anyways I scanned it in for all to enjoy!:)

Duck Hunt

Last weekend Doug took Josh and Haden to the opening of the Duck hunt. They went with Scott, Lynn and John. They took Johns trailer. It was pretty cold i guess, but they had a good time. Doug is such a good dad to take them, and i know the boys love spending time with him. Haden was actually the only one that shot a duck.(well Doug thinks that he actually shot it, but is letting Haden take the glory)Tyler and I just stayed home and hung out. He wanted to make cookies one night, so we were making the dough and he said, "mom can i have like my own bucket of cookie dough?" I was like, bucket? No! so we agreed on a little Tupperware container of his very own cookie dough, he was in heaven! I would keep catching him in the fridge taking out a spoonful. I wonder where he gets that from? There must be a cookie dough gene in my blood! It was nice to have a little peace and quiet around here, but I really couldn't wait for them to come back home! Even though I posted like a novel on how hard Josh is, He really is a good kid and I do love living in a house full of boys!








Teenagers Suck! ( SORRY VERY LONG!!)

Well it has been a while since i have written anything, One- things are kind of slow around here with the kids back in school, and two- i didn't really want to write about bad stuff on my blog, but i guess those are memories i should be writing too, plus i need to vent today, so here goes! Well most of you know that Josh has never been an easy child, I have gone threw so much with him from very early on, I think I knew i was in for it when he started Kindergarden, One day he came home from school with a brand new pack of gum, I asked him where he got it and he said, "I stole it from my teacher", WHAT?" How did you do that?" I just saw it on her desk and took it." Or the time he just came home in the middle of Kindergarden, he said he thought school was over, i asked him, "I wasn't there to pick you up, so what made you think school was over?" I don't know, you weren't there so i just walked home." I was freaking out, first that his teacher didn't even call me to see what happened to him and second that he just walked home and had to walk across some pretty busy streets to get home and third, what if i wasn't home? OR the time when we were living at my parents house and he became obsessed with matches, we caught him underneath my parents deck trying to light them, we grounded him for a week, the day after his grounding he went out to the neighbors house and burned down one of their trees!! He was only in 1st grade!! Those are just a few examples of how Josh was as a little kid. Not to mention that he has struggled all threw school, He had two years of preschool and when he went to Kindergarten still couldn't even write his name! We have held him back a grade, and still to this day he struggles. So that just gives you just a Tiny, tiny taste of what we have to deal with on a daily basis with him. People would tell me, If your child his hard when they are little that usually means they are great teens, well I was so looking forward to that, but you know what, that's not happening. So now Josh is in 9Th grade and now if he gets an F on a report card, he has to retake the class or he wont graduate. Well like clockwork, we get his progress report saying he is in danger of failing not one, not two but three classes!! I have to talk to him about it and his answer this time was one that got me sooo fuming mad, i wanted to punch him right in the face! He says to me, I can just retake it on line, my friend Andrew did it and he said it was a piece of cake." WHAT?? So you want to fail all of your classes so you can take a bunch of them over again during summer? He looks at me like, whatever, it's no big deal! Then we have parent teacher conference, Same old story, only this time he is really turning in the homework, but just blank. See last year he didn't turn stuff in, this year he thinks i will just turn it in blank? WHAT? I can not understand it. I get so frustrated with him. There is only so much fighting i can do, then i am done. I feel like everyday is a battle. I just want to throw my hands up and be done, but i know i cant. So to top it all off, We get a package in the mail, open it up and it is a Double Day book club with two books in it, Addressed to Josh. One stupid princess book and another End of Days book? So we have to confront him again, what is this? He swears up and down he didn't do it, so we call the company and they said he clicked on something online and signed up. So we had the whole chat about not clicking on stuff and we are in the process of trying to cancel this. Then yesterday i got our Discover card bill, on it was a MSN charge for 18.95. I didn't think too much about it, but i was like that is weird, see i don't have a discover card, It is Doug's, so i know i didn't put it on there. So last night i asked Doug what that was, he had no clue, so he called to see what it was and of course, Josh Fillmore ordered Dial-up Internet?? What the crap? First off we pay for high speed cable Internet, so why on earth would he do that? This morning i had to ask him about it and he has no clue what i am talking about. So i do some looking around and we have been paying for this for 4 months now! All of this is happening yesterday, the day he texts me and tells me he got a 65 on a test, but he can retake it tomorrow and that he is really sorry. So i am feeling pretty good that he at least texted me and let me know, so i told him to bring home the stuff so we can study tonight, and of course, when it comes time to study he wont do it, says he can do it today, I was so done fighting with him, Doug was working late so i let it go. I know i should be tougher, but it is so mentally draining, some days i cant do it anymore! So Josh is grounded for yet another week, he will probably retake this test and fail it yet again, and he will be home mopping around and making me feel like crap for the next week! This is why i say Teenagers suck! I know i wasn't the best teen, but i don't feel i deserve this! Well there you have it! Sorry for the vent session, just had to get it off my chest! I do want to say , I love Josh very much, he is super funny, has lots of friends, and i think if i wasn't his mom i would want to hang with him, but since i am his mom, I have to be the bad guy, which makes it so hard.