Monday, September 29, 2008


Friday was Rachiele's Wedding( my niece, Doug's brother Scott's oldest daughter). They had it up Provo canyon, at a place called Conrad Ranch. It was really pretty there, the colors are starting to change, I always love how the canyon looks during the fall. Rachiele looked beautiful, like always. They make a really cute couple. I can not believe she got married, i swear she was just a little girl like 4 or 5 when Doug and I got married, time just seems to fly by! Here are a few pictures from that day.

The Brides Cake!

The Grooms Cake!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


This past Friday I went to dinner with some of my old college roommates. I see Audrey quite often, but Nancy and Natalie I don't get to see very often and when we all get together it is always a blast! We seem to all get together every couple of years or so, and over the years we have gone on some girls trips and stuff, so when we get together all of these memories always come flooding back to me. I got out my old scrapbook, and was looking at some of the pictures from back then and we took some pictures at dinner on Friday and I thought it would be fun to scan some pictures in and see how much we have all changed. Some of these pictures may seem pretty boring or stupid to some of you, but i know to Nancy, Natalie and Audrey, they will bring a smile to their faces. I just have to say that I was pretty lucky to have such good roommates, we all got along right from the very first night we met, and have been friends ever since. I know that i can count on anyone of them if i ever needed anything. Finding such good friends is so hard to come by, I feel really lucky! Thanks guys, I look forward to our next trip

Me and Natalie

Me and Nancy

We havent changed a bit!!

The Infamous bombers!!

In my parents back yard in California. Those are some sweet dresses!!
Camping at Carpenteria beach, going to bed really early cause we didnt pack anything, not even a chair to sit in!! We even sat in our car and had a pizza delivered to us at the camp ground,since we forgot to pack food too!

Arent we sexy in our acid wash jeans?

Nancy and Natalie, Nice Walkman!!

BUNS!! Too bad I dont have pictures of the mice!!

Magic Mountain--Look at the size of my bangs!!

Audrey and Natalie

Out to dinner with Becky!!

Me and Nancy in New York, "I thought this was the city that never sleeps!"

Eating at the Tavern on the Green

Me and Nancy with our new found friend Lanette. Really, what is up with the hair??

Me, Becky and Audrey after a day at Venice Beach, notice the hair wrap, they left me with some hairy armpit chick when i got that!!

Travis and Brent(Natalie's hubby now) hanging out in our apartment #21 !!

Me showing off my new Terry Turban! "I have money, Terry Turbans for everyone!"

"The Cowboys" The first timeI have ever seen a cowboy in real life!

I ran into my apartment and changed into my fringed bolero jacket and had my picture taken with them!

Psychic Olga and The Stripper

Look we dont have teeth! We thought that was soo funny?? Could that be a Packard's cup in my hand?

The roommates off to Magic Mountain!


Labor Day was the opening of the Dove hunt. Doug was pretty excited to take the boys on their first hunt. He went out and got them all geared up with camo pants, shirts, hats, etc... They woke up bright and early around 4:00 am. They had a really good time, although they didn't get any birds. They went out with Doug's brothers Scott and Lynn, they made a fire and cooked breakfast. Doug did tell me that their were times he was a little frightened, he said he would have visions of one of the boys accidentally shooting him in the back or something, but luckily all went well. It ended up being one of the coldest and wettest days we have had for a long time, which apparently isn't good when hunting doves. So they got out their clay pigeons and shot those. Tyler and I just stayed home and hung out. Tyler told me later that day that maybe in a couple of years he might want to take hunter's safety. Which is pretty funny, cause the whole time we tried to get him to shoot the guns and take hunters safety with Josh and Haden and he said, no, i think shooting a gun is boring. Well i think now he realizes that there is more to hunting than shooting a gun, it is more about hanging out with the guys. The sad part to me about that statement was I told him, when he decided he wanted to start hunting I would take hunter's safety with him, thinking that he will never really want to, now, it looks like maybe one day i will be the one taking hunter's safety, YUCK!! Oh the joys of having boys!
Haden trying on his hunting gear

Josh and Haden, It is near impossible to take a normal picture of Josh!

Scott throwing the clay pigeon's off the back of his truck

Doug looking good!

Haden wearing Doug's big coat


With Josh getting a shotgun from his grandpa for his birthday, I was really feeling the need to get him into hunter's safety. We found out that Cabela's has a course,so we signed Josh and Haden up, along with Michael, cause Haden thought it would be more fun if his cousin did it with them. They were pretty upset when they found out that it was two nights a week for three weeks and was 2 1/2 hours long each time! But they were pretty good about it and they didn't complain too much. They had to pass a written test along with a shooting test at a shooting range. I was pretty worried they wouldn't pass the written test, especially when Josh called me 15 minutes after i dropped them off to take the test, telling me it was so easy, I am the first one done! I was like great, he just went in and guessed. But he passed and so did Haden and Mike. I was relieved until I started thinking about the actual shooting test, they have only gone out twice to shoot guns and I didn't really know how good of a shot they were. So that Day of the test Doug and I took them out West and we had them practice shooting. Josh was hitting everything really good, but Haden not so much, so again i started worrying( something i am very good at). Well they passed, they had to shoot standing up, sitting and laying down at these animal targets that they had to get at least 16 out of 30 shots from 50 feet away. Josh got 21 and Haden 17. Josh told me he is such a good shot because he plays Halo, Well at least that game is good for something! So now I am feeling better at least they know how to handle a gun and now can go hunting with Doug.
Practice shooting

Taking the test