Thursday, June 26, 2008


OK, I have been tagged by my sister Nancy, this is the first time I have ever done this, but i guess i have to take a picture of the following items as they are right now, no cheating so here goes...


Please note the toilet seat is up, with a house full of boys, this is the norm at my house!!!


The only reason why there isn't dirty dishes in it, is i told myself i had to clean the kitchen before i could get on the computer today, so glad i did!!


okay, so i didn't clean my fridge while cleaning the kitchen. For some reason i can never keep it clean!


This is a sliver of a laundry room, not much to see here!


The family room/ kitchen is my favorite room in the house, or at least that is where i am most of the time!


This was a hard one for me, I love shoes! My favorite church shoes right now

My favorite everyday shoes, as you can see i am wearing one pair right now and i have a second pair in a different color, so cute and comfy!


Josh shooting some hoops out front

Haden riding his Rip Stick

Tyler watching TV, his favorite past time!


okay Nancy, i really wish you had forgotten about the closet, as you can see, mine is a complete mess!! anything behind closed doors are usually pretty scary around my house!

Okay, so there you have it, a little inside peak of my life, I now Tag Anne Marie, Diane, Emily, and Stacie, Lets see how many of them will actually do it!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Last night our friend Brady asked us if we wanted to go to the Salt lake Bees game. Josh and Haden didn't want to, but Tyler did so the three of us headed up to Salt Lake to watch the game. We decided to buy general admission tickets and then just sit where ever we could find a good spot. We got to the ticket booth and this man came up to Doug and asked him if he wanted two free tickets, Doug says," No, we need 3" I was like What? Then of course some other guy took them. Doug just sat there for a minute and was like, what am i retarded? No, i want to pay for three tickets instead of only one, DUH!! We had a good laugh about that! Poor Doug couldn't stop thinking about it, especially every time we went to go buy food or something, he was like, i could of paid for that hot dog with the ticket money i would have saved, if i wasn't so stupid! It was a really good game, they played the Sacramento River Cats and won at the bottom of the 11Th inning, so it was a pretty intense game, i only get into games when they are close like that, otherwise i am too busy eating and people watching to really care. So anyways we had a good time and a funny story to tell, now we know better, if someone asks you to take free tickets, take them!

Monday, June 23, 2008


So Thursday night Doug had all the boys come into our room to discuss if they wanted to go to the father's and son's camp out the following day. They were like naw, I don't really want to, so Doug said OK, then i guess we aren't going, and that was that. So Friday afternoon he gets off work early and goes to play in a friendly buy in game of golf for $30. After about 4 holes he gets a call from Josh, "Where are you? Aren't we going to the fathers and sons camp out?" Doug reminds them of the conversation they had the night before. Josh doesn't recall that conversation at all and says we want to go! So Doug has to eat the 30 bucks and drive back home(around 35 miles away!) He has to pack everything up, think of something to cook for dinner load it all up and go! He was such a trooper, I would have stopped at subway or something and called that dinner. But he marinated chicken, brought rice to cook and loaded up the BBQ to make dinner. We only have a little three man tent, so Doug took one of our twin mattresses and threw it in the back of the truck too, so that he could sleep on it in the back of the truck at night! They all had a good time! I was really glad it wasn't a mother and sons camp out! The only sad thing was that i was all alone Friday night, I don't like that at all, the house was way too quiet and i was fine until i tried to go to sleep, then i hear all these noises and think of all the bad stuff that can happen to a girl all alone in the house! I did manage to clean the house with no interruptions, which was nice, but when they came home to dump all their camping stuff in the family room i thought, why did i clean all night last night? I am glad the boys have such a good Dad, he really is a great guy. Here are some of the pictures he took, I guess Tyler really liked to play in the fire, looks like we have another fire lover on our hands!

Friday, June 20, 2008


Last night we were all invited to Chuck a Rama to celebrate Elaine's (Doug's mom's) 79Th Birthday! Not everyone could could make it, but we had a pretty good turn out, It is always fun to get together! I of course ate too much, as always, It is the weirdest thing, it really isn't the best food, but you cant help but eat and eat and eat! Well Happy Birthday Elaine, I hope you have many more! You are the best mother in law a girl can have!

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Dad, I just wanted to let you know how much I love and miss you! you are a great dad to me and my family! I can't wait for you to be home! I know that my boys miss their Grandpa too! I don't know how you did it raising all of us kids, you're the best! You are a true inspiration to me! Thank you for everything you do! Happy Father's Day!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tyler's Swim Lessons

Well Tyler just finished taking a two week swim lesson class with his cousins Cole and Carter. They had a really good time. This year was so much more fun. Last year Tyler still had a fear of water and freaked out when we tried to put him in. He had to be in a class with all the two and three year olds. I of course was mortified, and he didnt care, he didnt want to be where he would have to get his face in the water. Well things have changed since last year, he was swimming like a fish! Until you have a child that is that afraid of water and freaked out as many years in a row as he did, you can never fully understand how awesome it was to just sit there and watch him learn, and swim like a normal child! I was so proud!

Monday, June 2, 2008


Yesterday was my birthday, I kind of got to celebrate it all weekend! It started out Thursday when Melissa took me out to lunch to Cobblestone and we got one of those yummy BBQ chicken pizza's,which we split (and just about finished) and then to Dear Lizzie's for one of those Yummy cupcakes that my friend Annemarie turned me on to( thanks a lot).
Then I got a nice card in the mail from my sister-in-law Jeannie with a gift certificate to Bath and Body works and a card from my visiting teaching companion with a gift card to Kneaders.Friday Melissa came by with a plate of cupcakes that she made, she tried to duplicate the one from dear Lizzie's and came pretty close! Saturday Doug took me to the mall and i got some new shirts, a skirt and new shoes. Then we decided to go to Tommy's Burger down in Provo, we used to eat there all the time when we were dating and had lunch, we even split a order of fries, yes, you heard me right, Fries!! they tasted soo good, and went so well with my chili burger! That night we went to the movies with Jim and Melissa, we saw What happens in Vegas. it was really funny! Sunday was kind of sad, Doug was on call and had to go into work and do two surgeries. So i had to take the boys to church by myself, that wasn't fun, but neither is having a birthday on Sunday! When Doug did come home, he made Taco's for dinner which were really good and he even went to Chili's and picked up some Chips, Salsa and Queso dip to go with it( my favorite!) I don't know if you noticed, but i think i am off of the no chips and fries thing, 6 months is pretty good though? Then a little later we took a walk which was much needed after all the food i have been eating all week! the weather has been so good, it is making me very happy! Then when we got home, Jason and Rachael and family stopped by with some goodies from Dippidee! I also got a call from Nancy and had a nice chat with her( which i always do). I also forgot to mention that Doug bought me some See's candies! I am seeing a theme here, I must be the biggest pig in the world, everything revolves around Food!!
I think I am going to be a huge blimp if i don't knock it off! So I had a great Birthday, Thanks to everyone! I am sad that the years keep coming and that i am getting so old, but i still feel like a kid inside! in fact i was looking threw some of the old pictures to find my baby picture and i came across this one, and it reminded me of one of the pictures we took in Hawaii, and they are almost the same pose! I really am still that silly little kid inside!