Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Haden and Tyler

Haden has been pretty upset this week, he is 13, Tyler is 10. Sunday they decided to weight themselves and they weigh exactly the same!! Haden is bugged...big time!! We had him tested last month to make sure everything is normal, blood work, x-rays, and there seems to be nothing wrong other than he is taking after his father, who didn't grow until after high school when he was on his mission he came home 3 inches taller and 20 pounds heavier!! He is just a late bloomer or otherwise known as constitutional growth delay. So anyway, having Tyler be bigger and also my biggest of them all,(the boy likes to eat) doesn't make things any easier for him. Today i was at Costco and found some cute swimsuits for them, I wasn't quite sure what size to get them. So for Tyler i got a 10 and Haden a 12. Well this is where things get Haden even madder, the 10 fits Tyler perfect, the 12 is huge on Haden, so i have him try on the 10 to see if i just need to return it for another size 10. well the 10 is too big on him too!! He is not a happy camper! He tells Tyler he needs to go on a diet and storms off! I feel bad, I don't know what to do at this point, buying a 13 year old a size 8 swimsuit just doesn't seem right!! I am thinking i will get a 10 and have my mom take it in at the waist! I sure hope my little Haden starts to grow! And that this isnt giving Tyler more of a complex about his weight! I never thought with boys i would be dealing with this kind of thing.
This is a picture of Tyler and Haden playing with the inside packaging from our new camera, seriously, why do we buy them presents for Christmas and birthdays, all they need are boxes and markers to keep them entertained! Late bloomers in all areas it looks like!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Melissa!!

Yesterday was Melissa's(my sister-in-law)birthday. I just wanted to tell her Happy Birthday and let her know how much i enjoy having her as not only my sister in law, but as my friend. Melissa is my exercise buddy, who without her I am totally weak and wont do it alone!( i know cause she was out of town last week and i didn't exercise once while she was gone!)I also love the talks we have while we are together, Not only does she keep me movin, she also listens to me and all of my life's nonsense and doesn't judge me for some of my thoughts and views, and thanks for all the times i have laughed so hard i cried! You are so fun to be with(note our picture above, there wasn't even music playing when we were getting our groove on! Happy Birthday girl!

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Wienermobile!!

Last Wednesday the new Walmart in Cedar hills opened up. My parents had just signed on their house and waiting to get the okay that everything funded and the house was officially theirs so they could get the keys and start moving in. My parents called and wanted to show me the house, but they were first going to get some lunch at the new Subway in the brand new Walmart. I am not a huge Subway fan, but wanted to see their house and even thou it isn't my favorite i can always eat! When we got to Walmart I was so excited, the Wienermobile was there!! I was very sad i didn't have my camera with me, but my dad reminded me that i have a camera on my phone, so he took a picture of me in front of it. I don't know why, but i have always thought that was the funniest, coolest thing ever! I can remember as a kid thinking it would be so cool to drive the wienermobile, maybe because it has the word wiener in it? not sure, but i thought it was so funny that it was at the little Cedar hills walmart grand opening! When we were there while we were eating my dad got the call that the house was finally theirs so we rushed over and started unloading the moving truck. Me, my mom and dad unloaded quite a bit, we unloaded a couch and love seat, coffee tables, queen size mattress and box springs and even carried it up the stairs, I wasn't planning on starting to move them that day, but they were so excited, I wasn't quite dressed for it, but I was pretty impressed with my parents who are 65 and me who is a wimp to move as much as we did. We have been moving them all week, and there is still stuff in their storage units. I guess moving stuff from a 6500 square foot home into a 3500 square foot home is going to be difficult. They have a ton of stuff, so they definitely have their work cut out for them! I am very happy for them, it has been a long time since they have had a place they can call home. And I got to see the Wienermobile up close and in person, see everyone wins:)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


This is one of my new favorites. At Christmas time Doug and I were at the mall, this man stopped us, Doug must of been in a really good mood, cause we stopped and listened to and let the man do our nails. I usually don't buy this kind of thing, for one, it is always so dang expensive, and two, it is just some fad that i am sure i don't need. Well I loved how it made my nails look, they have been looking pretty scary lately, i have dark ridges in my nails which have been causing me all kinds of stress. I was scouring the Internet to find out what was wrong with me, sure i was dying of cancer, i just found out i was getting OLD! So anyways Doug bought it for me, i was feeling kind of guilty cause it was so expensive plus they talked us into a few other items we probably don't need. But this nail kit rocks! my nails look soo much better, of course they were looking really good and i was going to take a picture, but this Saturday we were helping my parents move and i broke 3 nails and so now they aren't too pretty, but they will be back i am sure of it! I was a little bugged to find it on EBay for a third of the price, but i am glad cause now when i need to buy more, i know where to buy it! Just thought i would share!

Spring Break

Well most of you know that we are going to Maui for Spring break, we are really excited!! We know that we probably should be spending the money elsewhere, like fixing up my ugly, ugly bathroom, but a couple of years ago, Doug and I were talking and we decided we really need to be building memories for our children and focusing less on what our house looks like(very hard for me to do). We have gone on some fun vacations and stuff, but i feel like lately my kids are growing up so fast, we really want to spend some quality time with them, before they are way too cool to be with us. Last year we took them to Oahu(their 1st time ever on a plane!) and we as a family probably had the most fun we have ever had! I am really hoping this year turns out the same. We are so excited, it just can't come soon enough!

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Yesterday was my mom's 65Th birthday. Sunday we all got together over at Jim and Melissa's house to celebrate. I can't believe that she is 65, it seems like yesterday we were celebrating her 50Th in our little basement apartment in American fork, Josh was just a baby! Time sure seems to be flying by! Happy Birthday mom, I really am glad you are back, i really enjoy spending time with you, even just going to Walmart like we did today, Is always fun! I know my boys like knowing that their grandma is around, even if they don't always show it. Thanks for being such a great mother and example to me. I hope i grow up to be like you someday! I still don't know when i will feel grown up!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Trying to change things up a bit!

Well I haven't been very good at updating my blog lately. I decided to mess around with my layout and this is what i will have to have for now, i don't know how to change my middle paper and header, i am truly retarded when it comes to this kind of stuff!! If anyone has any wisdom for me it would be greatly appreciated!!