Thursday, October 22, 2009


Yesterday was bunko, Audrey decided we should dress up since it is close to Halloween. All but two dressed up and it was so much fun seeing everyone in costume! It was a really fun night! I dressed as little red riding hood, (Doug is dressing as the wolf(grandma)for Halloween) I ordered my dress online, so i didn't realize how short it would be, it is alot shorter than i thought it would be, so come Halloween i will have some bloomers to put underneath, but for Bunko i just had to make sure i didn't bend over for anything!! I love Halloween and any excuse to dress up, what a fun night and to top it all off I won Most Bunkos( after a roll off with Christy)So i got to choose first prize! What a fun night, Great food, fun friends, dressing up and on top of it all I won!! Doesn't get much better than that:)


Josh is in Men's choir at school, he had his first concert Tuesday night, of course I didnt find out til the day before. We had awesome seats, but of course the director stood right in front of Josh the whole time so we didnt get too many good pictures. He did pretty good for a boy who is really isnt into singing, although he really can sing. They wore those choir gowns and i thought he looked very handsome up there singing.


This past weekend Doug got invited to tour the Breg brace company in Carlsbad. He decided to take me with him. It was a quick trip, but a very relaxing one. We layed out by the pool, Doug golfed, I slept in, we did some shopping at the swap meet and we hit Old Town for dinner, and just enjoyed each others company. I was a little nervous cause we left the boys home, We had my parents take Tyler and Josh and Haden were pretty much alone until the nights when our friend Brady came to sleep over. You know i was texting them often and they were starting to get mad at me, saying that I needed to trust them, I did trust them, but it is always scary! They did great and the house was even clean when we got home! Thanks Mom and Dad for taking such good care of Tyler, he had a blast! And thanks Brady for spending the night with the boys so I didnt worry the whole time!
There were some political meeting being held at the resort we were staying at and there were picketers out front

Doug golfing, this picture made me laugh, Doug has lost about 25 pounds recently and hasnt bought any new clothes, Looks like it is time to buy some new clothes babe!

Getting ready to go out to dinner at The Bluefire Grill, it was super yummy, but for 42 bucks a plate it better be!!

The resort had some waterslides, we couldnt resist, it was such a nice hot day, it felt so good!


Haden is our big sports guy, he loves soccer, he has been playing for a long time, this year he got put on a AAA team, we weren't too sure about it, cause it involves playing farther away, but it hasn't been too bad. At first he wasn't too sure about his new team, but they are getting to know each other better and he loves soccer so much there was no way he wasn't going to play. Their team is undefeated so far, they have one more game to play on Saturday, so hopefully they will win! But as much as he loves to play soccer he always wants to try other sports, but with soccer taking up so much of his time he can never play anything else. Well one day he got a call from Bryce Curtis and asked if Haden would want to play on a Rec flag football team, he was pretty excited cause he got to play with alot of his friends and he got to do something different, although when it came down to playing a game or missing soccer practice, he chose soccer practice every time! They didn't play very good, but they had a good time. After Saturday i was looking forward to a little break in the soccer schedule, but no, indoor starts next week, so i don't see any end in my future, but i glad he has something he loves and enjoys!


Almost every year Doug goes hunting on the opening of the Duck hunt. This year was the second year he was able to take Josh and Haden with him. They went to Fish Lake. They had a lot of fun with all their uncles, shooting and messing around. I don't think they shot anything, but they had a good time and that is all that matters. The boys love spending time with Doug. When they go it is just Tyler and I at home, so we did some fun things, we painted pictures, went shopping, took grandma Phillippi to dinner, and hung out. Tyler is a funny boy, he really doesn't want anything to do with hunting, but i am afraid one day he will change his mind and i will be home all alone, until that happens, i am glad i have Tyler to keep me company.


A couple of weeks ago Doug's brother David and his sister Sharlee were in town at the same time, of course the Fillmore's wanted to get together and golf, Tyler and I tagged along and took pictures, and rode the carts. Fillmore's love their golf! Everyone was there except Lynn. Here are some pics.