Monday, June 8, 2009


Last Monday was my birthday, time has flown by and i haven't written about my day yet, so i thought i better hurry before my next birthday rolls around!! I started my day like most, Melissa and I went for our walk, When she came to the door there was a gift for me on the doorstep, it was a box of Jr.Mints and a wax bead burner, but no note, i don't know if there was one, or if the wind blew it away, so i still don't know who to thank for that gift! So thank you to whoever did that, the Jr. Mints are long gone, by the way! When i got home from walking i got some flowers delivered from Doug, they were beautiful and a big surprise since his gift to me was finally painting our bedroom, something i have been wanting to do for over a year now! I am so excited to have it done and i think it looks so good! Thanks babe!! Then Carter suggested we go out to lunch for my birthday, i can never turn down lunch, so Melissa and all of the boys went to Cobblestone for lunch, that was fun, they were all really good. After the boys went home and Me and Melissa did a little shopping, which is always fun, trying on swimsuits however nobody should do on their birthday, but besides that, it was a good time! When i got home the doorbell rang and it was my visiting teaching companion Janet Hays at the door with a big bouquet of flowers and a ice-cream cake from cold stone! She is the best companion ever and spoils me rotten with every holiday and is probably the nicest person i have ever met!!! Doug got home and we all headed to Red Lobster for dinner with my in laws. Most people know i don't like seafood, but they have the best cheesy garlic rolls and I love their Cajun chicken Alfredo!! We had a nice visit with them and an awesome dinner. When we got home Jim and Melissa came by and gave me a gift card to thanksgiving point movies theaters along with a couple movie mugs with free refills and large popcorn!! They spoiled me too! I thought lunch was good enough, but i must say i was super happy to have my own movie mugs!! We already put them to good use this weekend!! Audrey came by a few days ago and brought me a big yummy sugar cookie from flower girls and Dough boys, and a pint of her homemade freezer jam, which i haven't tried yet, but i am sure it is good, she makes yummy food!! I also want to thank everyone for all the birthday wishes on facebook, emails and phone calls, all in all it was a great day and i felt very special, so thank you everyone!!! Here are some pics, i forgot my camera at dinner, so i am sad, and the picture of me and the boys i stole from Melissa's blog, thanks:)