Friday, May 29, 2009

San Diego

Doug had a P.A. convention this past week to get his CME's in San Diego. He decided to take me with him and leave the kids at home since we spent our spring break with the kids in Hawaii, we felt like we needed some alone time. We had our niece Carrissa watch the boys while we were gone and she said they were so easy! WHAT?? They seem to be sooo much better for other people which i guess is a good thing, but jeez cant i ever get to see that side of them? But it was really good knowing the the kids were being taken care of so we could spend time away not be worrying the whole time. We left Saturday afternoon and Carrissa was still at work so they had to be alone for a couple of hours, we hadn't even been gone for 30 minutes and i get this text from Haden telling me how much he hates Josh and how he was beating him up and holding him by his neck and choking him, I thought, oh man, this is not going to be good. But as soon as She came, everything changed, we are so grateful for that! The only gripe we heard was that she isn't a good cook, they told us some of the things that she made and we just had to laugh, and it made them miss my so called cooking, which made me feel good.

We stayed at the San Diego Marriott hotel & Marina, it was really nice, but WAY expensive and i was pretty disappointed in the fact that you had to pay for high speed Internet 12.95 per day and it wasn't even wireless, it cost 22.95 per day to park and they didn't even have a little fridge in the room to keep stuff cold!! you would think for 225. a night all of that would be included!! The good part was we had a great view from our hotel, we were right next to the convention center and within walking distance to most things. We were there for 5 nights and we tried to squeeze in as much as we could. some of the things we did were Kobe Swap meet, Padres Game, shop and ate in Old Town, Body Worlds museum, USS Midway(Aircraft carrier) Museum, Walk the Gaslamp district, Ate at the Oceanaire restaurant, In and Out, Jack in the Box, got a Thrifty's ice cream(chocolate malted crunch and Mint n chip) drive to Coronado and check out the beach, Doug went Golfing at The Bridges Golf Course etc.... We had a great time and it went by way too fast, but we did miss the boys and they started texting me saying that they missed me, which is very rare, so it was definitely time to go home!

At the Bodyworlds museum, Doug took these with his cell phone before he got into trouble for taking pictures! this was so crazy interesting, morbid, and awesome all at once!

At the Oceanaire restaurant, i actually ate crab cake and some tilapia, had the best fillet Mignon ever!!

Tune in Tokyo

Jeff Helping Doug try on the uniform, it was a little small! Pretty funny watching those two dress each other

A picture they had as a memorial for the USS Thresher submarine that was lost at sea that my uncle was in.

In and Out Burger

Photo shoot at the beach, it was freezing!!

At the Museum

Thrifty's YUM!!!

I couldnt resist getting a picture with these guys!
being saranaded at the Coyote Club in Old Town

Doug golfing at the Bridges Golf Club, he went with a guy he knows who is a member

Costs $350,000 to become a member and $1600. a month dues!
View from our hotel room
The hotel Limo

The Marines at the game, the Padres even wore Camo uniforms for Memorial day

At the Padres Game, The Colts Vs. Cubs

Taylor Swift's tour bus
Jeff Abram, he hung out with us too, this was at Fred's Mexican restraunt, it was really good!

At Fred's
Kobe Swap meet, these could easily been my next Happy shoes!!

The coat i fell in love with, but not the price of 250.00!!