Monday, March 29, 2010


I have been bugging Doug for a while now to go see a dermatologist, he has these little sores on his face and head that will scab up and bleed and are almost always red. Well last Monday he finally decided to go. They biopsied 3 areas and froze about a dozen other areas. They called him Thursday with the results...Squamous Cell Carcinoma! What?? I was thinking they would come back pre-cancanerous and they would just freeze them off. Which they have done before. Squamous cell carcinoma is 2ND most common type of skin cancer. It is rarely found in anyone under the age of 50 and they are more likely to be males. They scheduled Doug to go into the office today to remove them, they used a procedure called Mohs where you go in have them cut off a piece and right there in the office they freeze the sample and look at it under the microscope to see if they got it all. So we had to wait about an hour between cuts, but luckily for Doug it only took two tries to get it all, we were really worried cause we kind of found out about this fast and didn't have much information about it, so we searched the Internet and got ourselves really scared, the pictures looked horrible! They told us there is a plastic surgeon on hand if they needed one, which of course freaked us out more, being that two of these were on his nose, Doug was terrified of what he would end up looking like. Well they were able to close the holes up without a skin graft and the doctor says he will heal nicely, it is hard to tell by looking at him now, but i know he will be fine. Doug told me i could only put this up on my blog if i made sure i told everyone to wear sunscreen! The doctor said most of the damage is done by the time you are 10 years old. If you stay out of the sun as an adult sometimes it will actually heal itself, but if you continue to go out in the sun unprotected the more likely it will turn into something bad. The doctor also said once you've had Squamous cell cancer you will more than likely have more where they came from, so Doug will have to see the Dermatologist every 6 months to keep everything in check! I feel bad that Doug has to go threw all of this, but i am glad we caught it before it got super bad, people can lose there noses and ears because they didn't go in in time. Doug is super worried about looking ugly, but i will love him no matter what he looks like, he is my everything, besides i have an ugly crooked nose so we can have not so perfect noses together!
If you only read one paragraph of this post, let it be this one, please use sunscreen and if you have something wheather it be a mole or a sore or spot that you have noticed has changed or not healing, please go see your doctor!!

stitching him up
before closing him up
In the waiting room waiting with all the other people who were being cut on today
The one on his head
All stiched up

Monday, March 22, 2010


Wow! I can not believe how fast time has flown! I finally downloaded some pictures off of my camera and decided i better update my blog before it gets way to overwhelming!! I will try to keep it short.


Feb. 2ND was Tyler's birthday, he turned 11! I can not believe that my baby is 11! i don't know where the time goes, but it is making me very sad. This month i had to take him to his maturation program at school, i just couldn't wrap my head around the fact that this would be my last time doing that and that Tyler is old enough to even be talking about those types of things! For his birthday we just had grandma and grandpa Phillippi over to go to dinner with us at Chili's and then back to the house for cake.

We had our annual Superbowl party at our house with the Fillmore side of the family. It was fun everyone brought yummy food and we had a fun evening. We had our usual betting boards, Haden, Doug and Tyler each won one quarter so that was nice, i was hoping to win something, but no such luck, so i just had to enjoy all the yummy food!



Josh, Bryce and Collin decided to sleep out in there fort that they have out in the land back behind our houses. It was a freezing cold night and during the coldest part of winter, there was snow everywhere, but they wanted to do it. Doug and I stopped by with hot chocolate to make sure they were alright, they are funny boys! i can see why this would be fun though, if it werent snowing i could see myself sleeping out there, well if they made some sort of bathroom, then forsure I would do it!


Josh played Jr. Jazz this year, he played with Seth White, they had a fun time, their team actually made it all the way to the finals and they took second, that was really fun to watch! Way to go guys!

Valentines Day was on a Sunday this year, Doug had Monday off so we decided after church to leave the kids and we would go spend the night up in Salt Lake, we got a hotel room and went shopping up at the Gateway, it was fun, we had reservations at Flemings steakhouse. We rode trax from our hotel up to dinner and shopping then came back and just relaxed, Doug had been working long hours and we havent been able to see much of each other so that was nice. We woke up and ate breakfast at IHOP and then headed back home, it was a much needed little break. The kids did well without us, so that was nice.

We took Max to the vet to get his shots and check up, he is getting sooo big, he weighed 65 pounds at 4 months! The vet told us we named him right(Maximus) he is going to be huge! We found out that he only has one testicle and may require surgery if the other one doesnt drop, so not happy about that one! He is still super cute even though he is a huge crazy dog!


we celebrated my moms birthday last sunday, Brennen my nephew just got back from his mission and he had all of us over to mom and dads for a slideshow of his mission, so we decided to also celebrate mom's birthday while we were all together. I made her a cake and we tried to trick her with the trick candles, they worked pretty good. It is always fun when we all get together! Happy Birthday Mom!