Thursday, May 13, 2010


So for the past probably 6 or 7 months i have been trying to do the coupon thing, It has taken me a while to get the hang of it, and i still feel like i probably could do better, but i am getting better at it, and i must admit i get a huge rush when i am done. But I still haven't gotten over the red face and the sweat that starts to happen when i begin checking out, that is the only part i cant get used to, everyone looking at you like you are crazy when i hand the cashier 20 or 30 coupons! Another problem i run into around here is that i get all my coupons ready and my list printed out and i head to the store to find everything i am looking for is all gone, i get so mad, cause this has happened to me more than i can count! Well today i had a pretty good list and a huge stack of coupons and i just knew i would get to Smiths and find everything gone...well to my surprise i got everything on my list and some!! I was so excited! I finally took a picture of my purchases, i am pretty proud, i figured i saved about 62%!! Most of the stuff i got was stuff i hate to spend money on, deodorant, soap, laundry soap, air freshener, make-up,tampons etc... Total before coupons and fresh value card $236.46 after $86.39!! whoo hoo Happy Day!!

Here is a list of what I got:
4 boxes Cocoa Puffs
6 Boxes Rice Crispies
4 Duncan Hines cake mixes
4 Capri Suns
4 Liquid Tide
4 Fabreze aerosol
4 Land o Lake butter
1 box Au Graten Potatoes
4 2 lb. bags of shredded cheese
10 Old Spice Red zone deoderant
4 Old Spice body wash
1 8 pack Irish Spring soap
7 boxes Tampax Tampons
5 bags flips Pretzels
4 CoverGirl single eye shadows
4 CoverGirl lip glosses
3 Packs Orbits gum
2 Packs cinnamin graham crackers
2 packs sugar wafers
2 bags frozen chicken
Total= $89.39!!! Not too shabby!!