Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas Time

yeap, I know it is already January 8Th and i haven't written about Christmas, but i better do it know or i never will!! In my defense i have still received a few Christmas cards this week, so apparently i am not the only one who is a little behind! Well Christmas for me was really hard for me to get into, I don't know why, even playing Christmas music was kind of annoying to me, and i love to listen to Christmas music! I felt very stressed out for some reason, and i couldn't seem to get my act together, I was Christmas shopping a few days before Christmas, which is so not like me, and I was just kind of depressed. That could be the result of a lot of things, me being so unorganized, the lights going out in my tree the day after setting it all up, the kids being extra mean to each other,or the kids telling me different things they want for Christmas every single day, me dropping my curling iron on the tip of my nose and burning it or me sticking a q-tip so far into my ear it actually ruptured my eardrum or maybe it was just that time of the month, or my first Christmas being off of anti-depressents, I don't know, all i do know is i don't want it to be like that again next year, I love Christmas time and i don't ever want to have a yucky one like that again. Don't get me wrong, It wasn't all bad, just the preparing of it was. Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day actually turned out great!


This year it was my turn to do the Fillmore Christmas party at our house, We had a nice dinner, watched the DVD that i make for Charlie and Elaine every year,( which was another stress, it took me a couple days to make, then i went to edit it and it was totally erased, i had to re-do the whole thing!!) then played the gift exchange game. We usually have finger type foods we decided we wanted to do a sit down dinner this year, so that kind of added to my stress. But it all seemed to come together in the end, which it usually does, i just need to learn how to cope with stress better i think. Here are some pictures of that day.


Christmas eve day Doug decided to take Haden snowboarding. Uncle Dave was in town and wanted to go skiing, Haden just started snowboarding last year and loves it, but he is pretty much the only one in the family who does, Doug used to ski before he met me, but hasnt gone for like 20 years. so he rented some ski's and off he went. I was worried he was going to hurt himself, but I should of known better than to worry, he is so good at everything he does, he said it was just like riding a bike, then Haden tells me he even did some rails!! What? Glad i wasnt there to see that! Anyways they had a nice time, Rachiele and Korey were there too. I stayed home to make some treats to take to the Christmas Eve party at my parents house that night.

Christmas Eve night we headed over to my parents. Everyone brought treats to share, we read the nativity scene out of the bible and the kids acted out the parts, then there was a talent show, the kids who wanted to share a talent could, my kids dont really have talents, Tyler composed a song in school that he wanted to share, but my other two didnt have anything, i had to remind myself, that just cause they dont play a musical instrument or sing(which they both could do if they wanted to) doesnt mean they arent talented, they are good at stuff you just cant show off like that, i have to remind myself that about myself too. I did try to talk Josh and Haden to do the new dance move they learned how to do, "the Jerk" but they wouldnt do it. They do it all the time at home. Anyways it was fun to see the kids singing, playing the piano and the trumpet. After the talent show we played the white elephant gift game, i am pretty sure i got the worst one, the monkey butt powder, dont be surprised if that one comes back next year! Ha ha ha!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Then we came home and opened up our new PJ's and put them on and watched The Christmas Story, that is one of my all time favorite Christmas movie. Then the kids willingly went to bed so that we could play Santa.

The boys woke us up at 6:15! Doug and I didn't get to bed until 2, so we were really tired! They were so excited and i worried that one of them might not be happy, well i was right, we had a little issue, but in the end he realized he got a good Christmas. One year i will get it right, but really i think they are so spoiled, i hope they realize how lucky they are. The issue was Josh wanted an Iphone, Haden wanted an Itouch and Tyler wanted a Ipod Nano. We got Josh an Iphone(Used), but Josh already had an Itouch so we gave Haden Josh's Itouch and Tyler got Hadens Nano, so Haden felt that since we didnt have to buy it, it shouldn't count as a gift, i was super upset with him we had a talk about it and hopefully he gets it. There was no reason to buy new ones when these were in perfectly good condition, and i did mention to him, just cause we didn't pay for them for Christmas, we still paid for them so i don't really understand what the issue was. He felt bad for feeling that way and so did i, but we got over it.(no wonder Christmas stresses me out!) Josh was extremely happy and he even said i think i got too much, so at least one of them is starting to get it! One of the highlights of Christmas was a pinball machine we got, it is an old 1975 pinball game called El Dorado, it is a nice change of pace from all the electronic devices we have all over the house. I think Doug and I like it the most, but that's okay, gives me something to play when everyone is watching football:)


After a nice a relaxing morning, we headed back over to my parents house for Christmas dinner. My mom had the table all set up so beautiful, and everyone brought something to contribute for the dinner. Everything tasted so good! I was a much more relaxed person, Christmas was offically over with and i wont have to worry about it again for another year! Hopefully next year i can be in better spirits and have a better attitude towards everything, cause i really do love Christmas time!