Thursday, May 29, 2008

6th Grade Graduation

Today was Haden's 6th grade graduation, I can not believe i will have two kids in Jr. High! I guess these wrinkles on my face are here for a reason! They had a cute little ceremony, and then they gave each of the kids a cupcake with thier own little graduation guy, what a cute idea! I almost couldnt find Haden's cause they used his school picture, which was back when his hair was long and we tried to Die it brown.
He is so little for his age, it is hard to believe he is getting so old!

Today was Tyler's field day at school also, here's a picture of him with his potato sack. I am sad Tyler will be the only one in Elemtary School now. I am starting to feel bad that i didnt have anymore kids, so that Tyler has someone more close to his age, he often feels left out! Sorry Ty!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My haircut!

OK, so I have been needing a haircut for some time now, I always put it off way too long, I have been wanting a change, I was sick of people saying how I have big hair and stuff, I wanted to go really short, but Doug reminded me that i always hate it, so i just cut a couple of inches off, but the scary thing is, she gave me a ton of layers and thinned it out soooooo much, there was probably more hair on the floor than on my head at the end of it, I should of taken a picture of it! She straightened my hair, which took forever for her to do, and i really liked it, but as soon as i got home and started playing around with it and feeling just how thin my hair is, i started to panic, so i decided to wet my hair and try to do it curly, well it didn't want to curl and was looking like Pat Benetar hair, I really started to panic, then my blow dryer quit working and i thought oh this is great! I remembered the boys have a little cheap one, and i finished my hair, it is easier to do, but not too sure i like it, The one thing i do like is that i don't have to pull it up, cause it is so short on the sides.Here is a picture of it when i got home, and one after i tried to make it curly, hopefully when i shower and wet my hair i will have a better feel for how to do it!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Last night Josh had a concert for his men's choir class. I didn't learn about it till the day before, he drives me nuts! I didn't know he was supposed to have a white dress shirt until 5 minutes before we walked out the door. He has grown out of all his white shirts, the only one he had was one with stripes on it, so if you notice he is the only one without an all white shirt, figures it would be my child!They did really good, I didn't know that he sang bass, that was surprising to me! It surprised me that he wanted to take choir, until i found out why, it was that or humanities, and humanities is just like taking a real class, with homework and stuff! The funny thing is, i think he can sing really good, if he would take it seriously! here is a little video of one of the songs they sang.

P.S. I moved the music player to the side so that it would be easier to turn off and on.


We had a little BBQ for Haden's soccer team, Me and Rachael are in charge of the party planning, so we had a little end of spring season BBQ. we couldn't find a park with bbq's there, so we both brought our bbq's from home. It was a fun little party, They tried to get the boys picture taken as a team, that was quite the feat,you can not get 13 boys to stand still and smile all at the same time! Then they played a little boys against parents soccer game, the kids always have a good time doing that, this time i didn't play, but took lots of video and pictures. The parents will probably be sore for some time, I think they all took turns falling or getting kicked at least once!At the end of this video is Haden showing off some of his foot skills.I wish i had more of him, he really is a good little player!

Haden loves to play, and he has made some good friends on his team, they all seem to get along really well, plus Michael( his cousin) is on the team as well, so he is loving it! I am loving that spring season is over and we have a little break until they start with all the soccer camps and practices again!

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Here is that video clip that the boys made for you, you will probably have to turn the speakers up and turn my music off(go to the bottom of the page)It is just a short little thing, but it took them about 5 trys to get it right, they are pretty funny! They really do miss their grandma! In one of the ones Josh says COME HOME! It was pretty funny.I would post all of them but it is taking forever to download this one! Happy mother's day from Josh, Haden and Tyler!!


Just want to say Happy Mother's Day to all the mother's out there! I Love Mother's Day, My little family always tries to make me feel really special. My mother's Day started out Saturday morning when the doorbell rang around 11:00 am with a special delivery of a dozen cupcakes from my sweetie! That was so fun and different! Doug knows that i would much rather eat a dozen of something yummy than to watch a dozen of roses die ( i do like to recieve flowers, dont get me wrong) but a yummy treat is always the key to my heart!

Then we all went outside to the backyard and weeded the dreaded flower beds, i use that term very loosley, as they were chuck full of weeds, something we have been putting off for about two years now, all the boys chipped in and helped, that was awesome! I didnt take a picture cause i would be too embarrased to even show you just how bad i let it get! Sunday morning we all got up and ready for church, the ym/yw sang a song In this very room, which is one that always gets me, and then the primary sang a mix of mother's day songs, and Doug gave the opening prayer, and he always says such wonderful prayers, It ended up being a really good meeting! Doug took the boys shopping for me and I got to open thier gifts, that was fun, I got a bunch of jewlery that they picked out with some help from Doug, I guess they had picked some pretty crazy stuff, Doug had to steer them in the right direction, but they all did really good, I really love my peace bracelet that Doug picked, Thanks baby! The boys all wrote me letters, which i always enjoy and I am also so glad to Have Tyler around so i still get those fun homemade gifts! It is going to be sad when he is too old to not do that anymore!

Then we headed over to Doug's Parents to give Doug's mom her mother's day present, V Chocolates, If you havent tried these, you are missing out! They are the best carmels ever! they taste just like homemade carmels dipped chocolate, Yummy! I love them so much i even bought me a box for myself! Happy Mother's Day to me! So the next time you see me i will be about 10 lbs heavier, but it will all be worth it! I just want to tell everyone how lucky i am to live in a house full of boys, I really do love being a mom to all boys, there is never a dull moment, I love it!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I just have to apologize to everyone for the rain today, see Doug and I washed both of our cars Monday inside and out, so of course it would rain today,Why does it always rain after washing your car?, I thought we were safe since yesterday was beautiful, but noooo, It cant last too long, we are not meant to have good weather! I am really getting sick of this, I just want it to be summer already, I know it is normal to rain in spring, but we haven't had much of a spring yet, so I am done with moisture of any kind! Well just had to get it off of my chest. You know I blame the weather on all kinds of things, like my weakness this past weekend with my no fries or chips, see i was weak Friday, pretty much all day, first i had a bag of sun chips with lunch and then for dinner i ate some of Hadens English chips from the Purple Turtle, love, love, love those deep fat fried potato's! i at first blamed it on my PMS, but i have had 4 other PMS filled months and didn't give in, I think it is this weather, it is depressing me and now it it trying to make me FAT!! I need the SUN!!


Well I never thought i would see the day, Haden came home from school and said mom i want to cut my hair!! I think every since Josh did, he has been thinking about it, So he went online and looked for hairstyles he liked and came up with a David Beckham haircut, so we printed it out and went off to Great Clips. I started freaking out when the buzzers came out, I didnt think it would be this short, but he likes it, I am so surprised, all these years of growing his hair out, finally he has decided it is time to change. It pretty much cut all of his blonde out and it is so dark, I hardly recognize him! I like it, but I think these haircuts are freaking me out, I am so used to seeing my boys one way, It is going to take some getting used to!