Wednesday, January 28, 2009


We got 5 tickets from Brent and Nancy this year for Christmas to the Utah-BYU game.The game was last night up in Salt Lake.I am not a huge sports fan, but i do enjoy going to games, usually to socialize, people watch with the binoculars and eat food that is very bad for me. I wasnt sure if we could even make it cause of Doug's schedule. We got lucky, Tuesdays are usually Doug's long days, cause he is in Surgery all day, but with Dr. Kimball being the team physician for BYU he had to be at the game too. So we headed up, had dinner, parked at the Stadium and caught Trax up to the game. The tickets were pretty high up in the nose bleed section, but it was such a close game the whole time I think i pretty much watched the whole thing! I only like to watch when it is close like that. It went into overtime, it was very exciting! We had a good time, Josh is a huge Utah fan so he was loving it! We had a great time, and it is always fun to take the boys out. We didn't get home till late, so today we were pretty tired when that 6:30 alarm went off! Thanks Brent and Nancy for such a fun Christmas present!

Monday, January 5, 2009


Doug and I decided to have a New Year's Eve party at our house with whoever wanted to come. It ended up being Mom and Dad, Nancy and Peter and family and Jim and Melissa and family. We had a bunch of junk food and stuff to eat. It was Nancy's Birthday also, so mom made her a cake with the famous sticky frosting, YUM! We played Rock band again, and just hung out until the count down.I of course made sure everyone wore a silly hat to help celebrate! We had poppers and noise makers and made a toast to the new year, it was really fun.


We all got gift cards from Mom and Dad from The Outback for Christmas, we thought it would be fun to all get together as adults and do dinner while Nancy and Peter were in town. It was pretty crowded, so we had to be seated in two seperate booths, which makes it not as much fun, but we had a good time. It was awesome to have a huge yummy meal and not have to pay for it! Thank you Mom and Dad!


Nancy and Peter and family came up after Christmas from Arizona, so we all wanted to get together to see them. Jason and Rachael offered their house. We all got together and got to visit with Peter and Nancy and kids and Play Rock band. It was a lot of fun! Here are some pictures from that night. I think it is funny how serious everyone looks while playing, for such a fun game, it take some serious concentrating!


Every Christmas Eve we get to open one present which is always our new PJ's and take Pictures.We told the boys that they couldn't wake us up before 6:00, well at exactly 6:00 Tyler came into our room telling us it was time to wake up. Doug and I were soo tired, we tried to talk him into letting us sleep for another hour, Doug even tried to bribe him with 20 bucks, but he wasn't having any of it, he said he couldn't sleep all night, he had been up since 4am watching TV just waiting till 6am to come! So we woke up Josh and Haden and started Christmas. We took our time opening presents, we probably took 2 hours! We all had a really good Christmas! Some of the high lights was Rock Band 2 for the whole family, Josh got a Chris Johnson Titans jersey and a pair of Air Jordan's, Haden got a Julius Peppers jersey and a pair of BB shoes(Big black), Tyler got all the cars and Lego's a boy could ever want, I got a new Pink laptop and a Dyson vacuum that rocks! Doug got a new Elliptical machine and his exercise room decorated. We all were pretty spoiled this year, we had a great Christmas!! We had to be in Orem by 11:00 for a Christmas breakfast at Lynn's (Doug's brother) and another Christmas gift exchange game with Doug's side of the family. The kids weren't too excited about leaving all of their new toys and things, but we had a really good time and an awesome breakfast!! We stayed there for a couple of hours and then had to head over to visit with my parents. The kids were happy when we got to just go home and hang out and play with all of their stuff. We ended up spending the rest of the night playing rock band, and Yes i am the singer! It was really hard for me cause i don't know half of the songs on there! I really think someone needs to come up with a rock band that has all 80's music! I would really rock then!! All in all Christmas was a success, which is such a relief!