Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Yesterday was our 18Th Anniversary! I can not believe how fast time is flying, I can remember people saying the older you get the faster time will go, well i must be getting old, cause I swear I just wrote about our 17Th! Doug had to work (of course), but he did send me flowers, even though we promised we weren't going to buy each other anything! I felt bad, cause i didn't get him anything! We ended up going out to dinner to the new Texas Roadhouse that just opened up in Lehi, it was really good and we had a good time being able to be alone for a little bit. I know people look at us sometimes and want to barf cause we are pretty affectionate people, but i don't ever want to be in a relationship that isn't still full of passion and love for each other! We have gone threw so much together that it is hard to not be more in love with each other every day, month and year! I feel extremely blessed to be married to such a great guy, He is perfect for me. I am so far from perfect and he accepts me for me. He really is my best friend! Growing older frightens me very much, but knowing that Doug will be by my side threw it all, is very comforting. I love you Doug! Happy Anniversary!

This picture makes me laugh, we bought each other Jordan's for our Wedding gifts to each other and we wore them during our reception. No sore feet for me:) But the funny part to me is that we both really never wore these shoes for anything else and we saved them. Haden wears my old pair and just about wore them out and Josh has out grown Doug's! 18 years ago i would have never imagined that!


Audrey and Brent invited us to go to the Owlz game with them Friday night. It is so fun to go with them, they have box seats, which to me is so much fun! We had Olive Garden for dinner with yummy Lasagna and chicken Alfredo, sure beats the baseball hot dog and peanut meal I usually eat at ball games! (although hot dogs do taste best at baseball games) My boys had a great time, and I always have fun chatting with Audrey. Thanks Audrey and Brent


The kids started back to school this past Thursday. This year I have One in High school, one in Jr. High and one in Elementary. So weird! Josh usually isn't a huge fan of school, but so far loves High School, but not for the reasons you might think, There are two reasons why he likes high school, Hot Chicks and open campus for lunch! I am hoping those hot chicks will help keep him motivated in other areas of school too! Last year i had a hard time getting pictures of the boys on the 1st day because they were too old and too cool, but this year I managed to get some! Now with the boys back in school, i really am hoping to get myself back into the habit of exercising, summer has messed with my motivation, but seeing my big ole butt in the mirror and trying on those jeans again, should be motivation enough!

Josh( 10th grade) with Seth and Collin

Haden 8th grade
Tyler 5th grade

Friday, August 21, 2009


We had been planning a Family reunion for over a year now, this year we decided to go to California to spend time on the beach. We were really excited, cause I love the beach and i know that kids of all ages have fun there. We planned the reunion part of our vacation for the 1st three days of the week and the rest of the week families could go off and do there own things. We were sad cause the closer the reunion got, the less families could go, Nancy and Peter found out they were expecting baby #5 and Peter probably wouldn't be able to get work off, so they were out, Ashley didn't want to take two kids alone without her husband, Brent and Nancy were coming out to Utah the following week, and Jim and Melissa decided last minute it wouldn't be the best financially for them to go. I was getting sad, and thinking maybe we just should bag the whole thing, but we were ready for a vacation! I am so glad we did, it was fun, we stayed in Sunset beach on a hotel right on the beach. My parents, Dawn and Jon and family, Jason and Rachael and family and Jeff and Kelly and family were all there. We spent most of the time just relaxing and playing at the beach. We saw and did a lot of things. Doug and I and our little family decided on our free days we were going to take the kids to experience Venice beach, they had a great time looking at all the weirdo's and Josh had a blast playing pick up basketball with some guys there. We did some shopping, lots of eating and more and more beach!! We even took some time and went and visited Doug's boss's dad,Sy Kimball who lives on Balboa Island. He took us all out on his boat and gave us a tour. It was a great time! It is always fun when i am with my family and I have Doug for a whole week with no work

On our way to California we stopped in Vegas, Nancy and Peter were there after Cousin week to pick up there girls, so we decided to see if they were still there and have lunch with them. they were still there so we met and visited them for a bit before they had to head back to Arizona and we went on our way! I was glad i got to see Nancy, I miss my sister!


Quincy and Abbey (Nancy's kids) came to stay a week with grandma and grandpa Phillippi(my parents). My mom was really wanting to make sure the girls were fully entertained while they were here. I believe she did a very good job, in fact they came up with Cousin week, which was full of fun! We had a BBQ at the Park one night, we took a hike up to battle creek falls, even ventured back to Liberty Land, went to the Stickey Shoe(American Fork Movies), sleepovers, crafts, cousin game of soccer and even scrap booked about the whole week on the last night! Tyler was in heaven and cried his eyes out when the week was over and Quincy and Abbey left, he loves his cousins!


This summer has really gone by fast! I feel like we did a lot of stuff and I hope i can remember it all! Some things I took tons of pictures and others I didn't take very many or none at all. I will try to get caught up to speed.


This is Tyler's third year in swim lessons, he really has come a long way. I have never seen a child so afraid of water as Tyler was. When he turned 8 and was to be baptised, he was up nights worrying about putting his whole head in the water, he was truly afraid!! Well now two years later he is actually swimming! He still cant get over being afraid of the deep end, but baby steps, right? He takes swim lessons every year with his cousins Cole and Carter, they always have a blast!


July 29Th was Josh's big 16Th birthday! I would say sweet 16, but we all know he has kissed a girl, so he is no longer sweet!! hahahaha! Just kidding. I can not believe he is 16. He is still pretty immature for his age, but when i think about it, so am I!! He hasn't got his drivers licence or even his learner permit at the time, but we are just letting him decide when he is ready. I do know that he has downloaded the test application on his ipod touch, so he is thinking about it, we even quizzed him a little and he will probably do fine. I am not pushing the issue, I am not sure i am ready to deal with it!!

For Josh's birthday he wanted to go shopping at the mall. So i gave him $200cash and he went to town. he did really good, not like i thought, he actually bought stuff on sale and even bought a used game for his Xbox to save money, I was impressed with the amount of stuff he got. He bought 4 t-shirts, xbox game, Pair of shoes(Jordan's), and a really nice pair of headphones! I was proud of his thriftiness!! We had to go to Haden's soccer tournament on his birthday, but he went and didn't complain too much. After the game we waited for Doug to come home and then we went to dinner and then home to eat cake.

Josh is such a fun kid, we love him tons! He drives me crazy sometimes and yet i wouldn't want him any other way! Happy Birthday Buddy!!


besides family reunion and cousin week, we have had a lot of family fun. We got home from our reunion and Brent and Nancy and family came to town from New Jersey for a week, we did some more BBQ's, shopping and hanging out, then Ashley and her kids came out from Texas for a week and we did more hanging out, BBQ's, lunch's and shopping!! I am sad I think I had taken so many pictures in California, i just kind of stopped taking pictures, so i have none of those two weeks:( I really enjoy being around my family, it is always fun. It was nice thou, to get back into the swing of things... just in time for back to school!