Monday, April 12, 2010


This year for spring break we wanted to go somewhere warm but not as expensive as Hawaii so we searched high and low my sister Nancy ended up getting us a great deal at the Tahiti Village in Las Vegas. We stayed there an entire week and had a great time. We didn't want to do too much, just do a few things and relax, the weather at first was kind of cold and windy, but by the end of the week it got up to the 80's it was really nice. The boys for the most part were really good, although it is hard to keep all three of them happy, they are all so different. Lounging by the pool was Doug , Tyler and my idea of a good time, but Josh and Haden were more into spending as much of our money as possible! We ended up doing some really fun things.


Saturday we checked in to our hotel and went to dinner at Tahiti Joe's, pretty spendy for not so good pizza, but it was fun. Sunday we woke up and decided to lay out by the lazy river, it wasn't the warmest day, but compared to Utah it was nice. Josh and Haden stayed in the room most of the day watching some basketball game on TV, they finally came out and joined us later.

Monday Nancy and Peter were coming threw Vegas on their way home from Utah so they stopped and we had lunch together at Chili's. It was a nice visit and the kids all seemed to enjoy each other. It was a cold day even rained a little so it was a perfect day to just chill with cousins for a couple of hours. Later that night we got tickets to go see The Phantom Of The Opera at the Venetian, we had a hard time deciding if we should bother taking the boys or not, but we felt it is something that they should see. Josh and Haden liked it okay, but Tyler Loved it! It was a really neat show, it was my 4Th time seeing it(1st time in Vegas) and the special effects here were really neat, i am glad i took them although next time maybe i will leave Josh and Haden home, they were pretty goofy and at one point Haden "accidentally" farted and he thought he was going to sneak it out well apparently it was a loud one and those two had the giggles for about 30 minutes, i didn't think they would ever stop laughing, but i know how it is trying to be quiet when you are not supposed to laugh sometimes gets me going even more, don't know why??

Tuesday we ended up shopping at the outlet mall, the boys eyed the Nike store and had been wanting to go since the moment we pulled into the hotel. It was super crowded and we did get a few deals but nothing too great. That night our friends Mark and Emily from St. George came down and had dinner with us. We decided to check out a Italian restaurant that was supposed to be really good, it was a fun place to eat but we all agreed we wouldnt eat there again, the food wasnt that good and it was very expensive! It was fun thou and we always have a good time with them.

Wednseday we decided to go check out the Hoover Dam. I have never been there before and Doug remembers going when he was a kid. There was tons of traffic on the way there it took us forever to get there. We took the power plant tour, which i personally think is a waste of money, but it was interesting. It is a really impressive sight, just didnt need to spend the money for the tour, we almost spent just as much getting ice cream cones and nachos afterwards! On our way home we wanted to check out the Ethel M chocolate factory, we got there too late and all the workers were cleaning up, so we didnt get to see all the chocolate being made, that made us sad... but saved me from buying a bunch of chocolates! They also have a cactus garden that we went threw, it was nice and free so that makes me happy! That night we went back to the hotel and made dinner then checked out the fitness room and we all tried to work off some of the crap we have been eating all week!!

Thursday was a really nice day so we decided to lay out by the pool again. It was pretty crowded, but we managed to find a pretty good place to hang out. afterwards we went back to the room. Doug went golfing with our friend Jason while we took naps and got ready for dinner. after they went golfing we all went out to eat. We ate at BJ's and it was the best dinner we had all trip! I wish we had one here! The highlight of that dinner was a big warm chocolate chip cookie topped with ice cream!YUM!

Friday Doug woke up early and golfed with his friend Chiz while we all slept in and got ready for the day. When Doug came home we decided to hit the mall again. after the mall we were all pretty tired so we got a movie from Redbox and stayed in and made dinner and watched a movie. Saturday we had to check out by 10 so we were up and out pretty early. We stopped in St. George and had lunch with Mark and Emily at Tom's Deli while Josh and Haden went to their friends for about an hour or so. They were so happy to get to spend time with them, it made us all a little home sick for St.George! Well all in all we had a great time and now back to life!