Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen." - Michael Jordan

The boys wanted to change their bathroom for a while now, They had a hard time deciding what they wanted, the both like different sports teams, so it wouldn't be fair to do one without the other being mad. Then one day i thought, how about a Jordan bathroom? They were all excited about that idea. They love Michael Jordan and he is not a bad role model to have, not to mention he is one good lookin man! Anyways I just thought i could search the Internet and find what i wanted, no such luck, there isn't a Jordan bathroom item to be found! I did find a jumpman shower curtain that some lady made on EBay, it was made on a cheap white shower curtain and the jumpman was painted on, it didn't look very good and she wanted $70 bucks for it! I wasn't going to pay that much for that! So i started thinking, and I called up my mom and told her my idea. With the help of my dad's work(overhead projector) and my mom's awesome sewing skills we came up with a much cuter shower curtain! I also came up with the idea of having some sort of Jordan towel, so i found some Jumpman patches on eBay and put those on the towels and bought wrist bands to tie the towels together, so the boys wont forget they are decorative towels and wipe there acne face stuff all over them and ruin them, like they have done with like at least 20 towels we own already! Anyways it turned out great and the boys loved it! They had some friends over when i put it all together and they all said, "that's tight" so you know that it is cool!! I just want to thank my mom, I wasn't worried for a second that it wouldn't turn out, because my mom is a very talented sewer, she was worried that she would mess up and make it look bad, but i never doubted her! I am pretty good at coming up with ideas, but i cant sew very good, so Thank you mom for making it look exactly as i pictured!! Also the boys thank you too!!