Monday, November 8, 2010

Huge Photo Dump!

Ok I am feeling so overwhelmed by how behind I am with this Blog, so I am just going to try to play catch up with a huge dump of photos from this summer to try to catch up somewhat so i can start blogging again! Sorry not in any particular order, just a quick over view of this summer, we kind of took it easy this summer, We didnt have any vacations we just stayed home , Josh got caught up on his school work, he had a rough 9th grade and had to retake some classes we kept putting it off so we took this summer to get caught up...he didnt have the best summer, but i dont think he will mess up ever again after taking summer school!

Family get togethers

sisters and sister in laws, we were just missing, Brents Nancy, Ashley, and Dawn, one day we will get all of us together again!

last party with Mom and Dad before they left for China

We finally got our backyard fixed up, we have been putting it off since we moved in, we tore apart the deck and made it smaller, took out our inground trampoline and filled the hole and sodded, put in a putting green and fire pit, took out our chain link fence, added bushes and put the dogs kennel in the backyard... it is finally looking better, but not perfect, cant wait til the bushes grow and we have some sort of privacy!!


My best friend since i was 4 years old came to visit me this summer, she lives in Pennsylvania so we dont get to see each other very often, it was a fun couple of days, i really enjoy being with Becky and miss her very much!

The old college roomies all got together when she was here it was a blast!
Haden and Mike have been taking golf lessons every summer, Thanks to Mikes grandpa for letting Haden play he loves it!

swimming at Doug's parents pool, we should of taken more advantage of it, we were the only ones there and Tyler loves to swim!

Josh Turns 17! I can not believe i have a 17 year old! Seems like time is going by so quickly i am kind of freaking out! Josh is my oldest so with him it is a huge learning experience, We love Josh and our house wouldnt be the same without him, he is always joking and keeping us laughing... as long as he isnt getting in trouble, then its a different story! LOL!!

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